CBS News Boston: DJ Henry Dream Fund approaches $1M in giving, has helped 8,000 kids

BROCKTON — The DJ Henry Dream Fund, a local non-profit, supports local kids in community-based programs by footing the bill for those who can’t afford to.

It’s not always easy for some students to afford the fees that come with dance classes and other activities so important to them.

But the DJ Henry Dream Fund is helping them by supporting their ambitions, named for a young man they’ve never met, but who was a talented athlete and role model.

“He always had the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to trying any sport or activity he wanted to. So many families don’t have that same opportunity,” said DJ’s mother Angella Henry.

The Henrys have been providing scholarships to children in community-based sports, arts and summer camps by making sure they can say ‘yes’ despite their financial circumstances. They’ve helped more than 8,000 children in some 200 programs, who also have to prove they are committed through their school work and dedication.

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