What We Do

On October 17, 2010, DJ Henry’s life was tragically cut short. In an effort to turn tragedy into triumph, the Henry family began a journey to dedicate their lives to helping young people work towards personal success.

We honor DJ’s legacy through the DJ Henry Dream Fund. The mission of the DJ Henry Dream Fund is to share DJ’s love of sports by providing scholarships to enable children to say yes to healthy and involved lifestyles by participating in community-based athletics, wellness, arts and summer camps. Our support is not just a scholarship. It is designed to empower young people to be the best that they can be in spite of their circumstance.

The DJ Henry Dream Fund provides children in need the opportunity to participate in programs they are passionate about. We believe that a single yes for a child defeats an entire season of no.

Success Stories

Jamarah Got to Say “YES” to Dance

Fourteen year old Jamarah, one of five kids in her family, was interested in dance, and anxious to be able to participate in a program. Both of her parents supported the idea and shared a desire for their kids to be involved in community-based programs in general. However, they were experiencing a difficult financial period and their single income needed to cover living expenses. Dance needed to be considered an extra, and wasn’t an option for them in the moment. They reached out to the DJ Henry Dream Fund to see if they may ne able to turn a “not today” into a “YES” for their daughter. DJHDF was happy to assist, and provided the financial support that enabled Jamarah’s participation in dance class.

Her mother recently shared that Jamarah has fallen in love with dance and has become quite the ballerina!

Are you able to help other kids dance into their future?


Kiley Said "YES" to Karate

Thirteen year-old Kiley, cared for by her grandparents, was diligently climbing the ranks in her karate classes. Facing permanent health issues, her grandparents were starting to struggle with paying for her classes. They didn’t want to take her out of an activity that she dearly loved. With the help of the DJ Henry Dream Fund, Kiley not only stayed in karate but has competed in several tournaments and placed in every event! Kiley is a straight-A student with great leadership and drive. Kiley spends her extra time giving back by helping with the younger kids at her dojo.

Are you able to help other kids achieve their goals?